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Saying good bye to a vehicle that’s been part of your personal or professional life for a long time it’s never easy.

That’s why at Cash for Scrap Trucks we want to make it that much easier and reward you for it.

So whether you’ve had the misfortune of being involved in a collision and your truck is no longer road-worthy or whether your old truck needs to retire, Cash for Scrap Trucks we’ll exchange it for a considerable amount of cash on the spot.

How much cash on the spot are we talking about?

Well, that will depend on the type of model, condition or age of your old, damaged, and unregistered truck but the figure can go as high as $11,500. 

That’s right. You could be up to $11,500 richer today with a simple phone call.

Talk to our friendly team of experts on 0411 704 458 / 03 875 11 908 and find out how much Cash for Scrap Trucks will pay for your old truck.

We won’t only exchange your truck for a large sum of cash regardless of your truck’s model, condition or rego situation. Cash for Scrap Trucks will drive its towing equipment anywhere in the Melbourne area to have your truck removed for free.

Yes, that’s correct. You’ve heard that right:

  • If you are a Melbourne resident and
  • If you have a damaged, unwanted, old, scrap truck that needs to be disposed of
  • Whether it has a valid rego or not

Cash for Scrap Trucks will make that process easy as ABC and reward you with up to $11,500 for your scrap truck.

Why are we so generous?

Because our customers come first. Having serviced and removed over 5,000 heavy vehicles in the Melbourne area we know only full well that selling your truck privately can be costly and unnecessarily stressful.  That’s why at Cash for Scrap Trucks we want to assist you in disposing of your truck hassle-free.

We are also genuinely committed to ensuring that all scrap truck and wrecked vehicles are disposed of responsibly and do not cause any further damage to our environment.

So if you are looking for a reliable, competent cash for truck business specialised in the removal of heavy vehicles like Vans, Trucks, 4wds and Utes, look no further.

Give us a call now on 0411 704 458 / 03 875 11 908 and get an instant no-obligation quote from one of our professional customer service representatives. Happy with the estimate?  Once you give us your details we’ll arrange a pick up and car removal Melbourne will make you a little bit richer on the spot.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Awesome service & fast:) Definitely would recommend:)”

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    Stephanie – Brunswick
  • “Scrap Truck Removal are recommended service to remove unwanted trucks.”

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    Katty – Sunshine
  • “Excellent service and Cash. Arrived on time and only took a few minutes to collect my truck.”

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    Joe – Pakenham


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Our truck wreckers buy all types of trucks, no matter what make or model. Cash for Scrap Trucks frequently buy trucks from the list of manufacturers below. If you want to sell a truck that isn’t on the list, we’ll still buy it.